In the Mind of Another

So normally when I get word from a beta that they’ve finished reading my work, I question whether or not I should break out some liquor before reading their thoughts. Fortunately, I only chose to read thoughts with a glass of wine once (the beta warned me that almost every sentence had been commented) but today I got my first feedback for the full manuscript. Since the notes came in around mid-morning, I knew drinking was not in the cards, so I took a big gulp and opened the e-mail.

I’m happy to report that my beta, Steph Wortel, liked the manuscript for the most part. Her thoughts were all very constructive, and some of them I suspected, and just needed someone to tell me that it should be changed. None of the modifications needed to address her concerns were problematic. The nicest thing about it was that she read it in over the course of two days basically. I always worry my book is easy to put down, and I also worry that I torture poor people who volunteer to be beta readers. That anyone would bother reading it so quickly is amazing to me.

The rest of my betas only have a few more days before they are supposed to have finished reading. While I doubt I’l luck out as well with EVERY reader as I have with Steph, I feel a great sense of pride today. It’s nice to know that I entertained at least one person with my book.

I definitely feel that I am one step closer to querying agents. Hopefully this means I am closer to get the book off my computer, and in the hands of readers!


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