Fear of Spoiling

So one my betas asked why I was a hesitant to foreshadow more. Personally I feel like I foreshadow plenty, but I think he was asking me to do more, so that he could get a better idea of who a specific person was earlier in the book. He’s right, that is something I need to/will address on my next revision. Yesterday I talked about my fear of stating the obvious. Another reason I feel less than awesome at giving readers every detail of everything I know/see as the author, is that I am really sensitive to clues.

The reason I NEVER want to write a murder/mystery book is this, if I know who did it, it will be IMPOSSIBLE for me to leave clues, because I will want to cover my own tracks. This is just something about the way I’m wired, since I used to believe I was dumb, I assume every clue is an obvious one. So I don’t like to give them, because I’m afraid any clue will be a huge flashing neon sign. This makes me feel like it ruins all tension that I am building.

Of course, readers need  these details, so I adore having betas ask me for more information. It lets me know that I’ve been too conservative with my clues/details. Now that I’ve been getting some form of feedback every day (for a whole 3 days) it is really addicting. I’m enjoying it. All of the feedback has had been a relatively nice blend of complimentary feedback, as well as constructive “this needs work.”

Today one of my betas told me she read my book in 12 hours. She burned through the first 200 pages in about 2 hours, and then she would reward herself for 30 minutes of studying by reading 2 chapters at a time. 10 hours later she was done! That made me feel pretty great. She was pleasantly surprised how much she didn’t want to put my book down, and so am I.


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