So I’ve been quiet lately, and the reason for this is, I’ve not been thinking about my manuscript much. I’d love to say I’ve been busy working, but I’ve mainly been busy job hunting. Still, I felt like I needed some time away from my manuscript. The only work I’ve done on it lately, is correct grammar that beta readers have pointed out. And when doing that, I wasn’t really doing much reading. I simply read the sentence with their corrections and then decided “yes” or “no.” Most of them were “yes” but some suggestions I chose not to take for stylistic reasons.

When I wrote about delving back into my story, I think it was premature. I think I had eaten and breathed my manuscript for so long, it had really consumed me to a point that working on it was not only “not fun” it was actually starting to depress/annoy me. I wasn’t shocked that my novel wasn’t flawless, but I’ve had very little push back from readers on things that actually pertain to the story. This is something that I am proud of, but it also makes editing hard for me. I can read what I’ve written over and over, but it will never look “wrong” to me, because I feel the sentiment behind every sentence. I’m honestly at a point that requires a fresh pair of eyes, and so I’ve been sitting back and letting my betas review my manuscript. Many of my more micro-reading betas are still going through the manuscript (they send me two chapters at a time) which is good, but I think I’ve had enough time away to really look at the first 1\2 of it with fresh eyes myself. Or at least, I hope so.

Hopefully this means I will be blogging more. Comments tends to keep me going =)


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