Consult a book!

So I told myself in the last post, there was no easy answer. As it turns out…I was wrong.

Fed up with trying to convert the scene, I decided to just start reading books in present tense. The ones that I know the best are “The Hunger Games” so I quickly sped through “Catching Fire” for what must be the 12th time. Within twenty minutes I found my answer, put it into play, and I am happy to say that my problem has been fixed.

It makes me laugh that the answer was so simple, because this is the advice I often give people. If you are having issues with how to do something, but you know it can be done, read how someone else did it. I don’t know why I didn’t use this tool in this case until now, but I figure it is a good lesson for all writers who might stumble over this blog. It also gave me an excuse to post another cute boy reading a book!


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