In Case You’re disappointed by the Election Results – Try this!

So I’m pretty sure I won’t be disappointed by the election, but my husband asked me to think about what we should drink in case we were. We decided Champagne was what we’d open if (when) Obama is re-elected, so I suggested Whiskey if he isn’t. My husband figured we might drink that anyway, and so I thought about it. Finally an idea hit me, a cocktail that basically screams disappointment. I’m calling this the “Bitter Loser” Here is the recipe:


1. 2 shots Campari

2. 3 Sparkling Ice Cubes  (Sparkling wine that is frozen into ice cubes)

3. Lemon

To prepare:

Place ice cubes in tumbler and pour Campari over. Squeeze Lemon juice over, and garnish with lemon rind.

Since Campari is a bitter liqour I figured it would be fitting for it to slowly eat away at the champagne as the ice melts. This will make drinking it easier, but it will take time. So it’s a pretty good drink both taste wise and symbolically.


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