Scepter of Fire – Cover Reveal

My good friend and CP Vicki Weavil‘s next book “Scepter of Fire” (a companion book to “Crown of Ice“) is getting a cover reveal today. I met Vicki shortly before she began writing “Crown of Ice,” and as an early reader of the manuscript I instantly fell in love with her writing. Vicki has grown a lot since “Crown of Ice” was published. She published her first sci-fi novel “Facsimile,” but while that was in production she began writing “Scepter of Fire.” It was really wonderful to see an author so passionate and inspired by their work, and Scepter was written in record time (which considering how fast Vicki writes in general is saying something!)

Scepter of Fire” continues in the tradition of adapting stories of Hans Christian Anderson. Whereas “Crown of Ice” was based on the snow queen myth, “Scepter of Fire” is inspired by Andersen’s “The Ugly Duckling” and “The Steadfast Tin Soldier.”

If you haven’t pre-ordered it, you should do so today! To entice you, here is the stunning cover:





Author: Vicki L. Weavil
Pub. Date: October 18, 2016
Publisher: Month9Books
Format: Paperback & eBook
Find it:





Sharp as pine needles, and twice as bitter, seventeen-year-old Varna Lund’s determined to become a healer. At least patients don’t care about her looks, unlike the young men who spurn her for eighteen-year-old Gerda or even her younger sisters. An ugly duckling among swans, Varna hopes to bury her passionate nature in useful work.

Her healing skills are put to the test when Varna encounters Erik Stahl, a young soldier who’s deserted the battlefield to carry his injured friend, Anders Nygaard, to safety. Varna, enlisting the aid of Gerda, cares for Anders in secret.

But a brutal betrayal catapults the four young people into life on the run, where Varna discovers her old mentor is actually a powerful wizard. Seeking the enchanted mirror hidden by a former Snow Queen, the wizard hopes to use Gerda as a pawn in his plan to aid the invading emperor.

Other forces ally against the wizard, including an auburn-haired sorceress, an enchanted
reindeer, a brilliant scholar, and a young woman traveling with a wolf. Along with the soldiers and Gerda, they vow to prevent the mirror from falling into enemy hands. But tempted with promises of beauty and power from her now devilishly handsome mentor, Varna must choose between her own desires and the good of a society that’s never embraced her.

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Ugly Duckling” and “The Steadfast Tin Soldier”, SCEPTER OF FIRE is a companion book to CROWN OF ICE.






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