Let’s Talk about ‘Glee’ for a minute


So since Adam Lambert was not crowned American Idol I found myself needing some cheering up. I then remembered that just the day before I had watched the preview of “Glee” on FOX. The show started off a bit rocky, and it was strange how much of it seemed to be taken directly from the movie ‘Election’, but I kept with it. My persistence in viewing the hour episode had an amazing pay off which I have a clip of for you:

Not only is this incredibly entertaining to watch, it is absolutely incredible to listen to. In particular the main female singer Lea Michele has got to have one of the most addictive voices on earth. It is clear and well supported.  Anyway, I thought it deserved a mention. It gets bonus points for getting me out of my “Lambert lost” funk.


My first track as a ‘recording artist’


I’ll Forget You – Sung by Richard Pearson

So what have I been doing instead of writing erotica or studying? I’ve been recording!!! I have somehow managed to turn my study into a mini recording studio by doing all sorts of strange things to muffle the sound. I tinkered with it a bit, and now I have my first rough track for the public to hear. I would love any feedback!

Just click the picture ot the link!