Phantom of the Opera…the sequel?

So when I was a teenager I was obsessed with “TPTO” which is “The Phantom of the Opera” for 99% of the world. I thought I would be the best Phantom in the world. I mean why not? I thought I was hideous. I felt that everyone disliked me because I was unattractive. I had people wrapped around my finger on-line, where no one needed to see my physical body. Plus, I thought I was a good singer, and that if I could just be a good enough singer, people wouldn’t care that I was not attractive.

Therefore, I think I listened to the OST (Original Soundtrack) to TPTO on a loop for a few years. Of course, as years went past I began to think of myself as not being ugly, and I found other musical material that I felt I had a better connection to. As a result, I kind of forgot about TPTO for a few years, until I was recently asked to sing “All I Ask of You” at a wedding. I dragged out my OST, and other recordings of that love duet, and began practicing my best Raoul. As a result of my new found interest in TPTO I happened upon the youtube video which gives us a preview of the sequel to TPTO. The sequel is called “Love Never Dies” and takes place in New York, primarily on Coney Island. It sounds stupid, but the video also gives us a preview of one a new ALW (Andrew Lloyd Webber) song. The song is called “Till I Hear You Sing (Once More)” and as much as I was prepared to hate it, I just can’t. It appears that despite the fact I think that making a sequel to a musical, especially TPTO, has got to be the dumbest thing I have ever heard of, I am a sucker when it comes to The Phantom.

The song is actually quite lovely, and Ramin Karimloo has a perfect voice to carry on the voice of the famed Phantom. He manages to support his tone a bit more than Michael Crawford did, and keeps the breathy phantom sound to a minimum. The woman who will be taking up the role of Christine, originally played by the famous Sarah Brightman (previous wife of ALW and for whom the piece was composed), will be Sierra Boggess. She played Christine in the special Vegas version, and whereas I was somewhat concerned about “The Little Mermaid” singing as Christine, I heard her sing “Think Of Me” and she didn’t ruin it. Whereas I always felt that Lisa Vroman was the best Christine, I think Sierra Boggess, is an excellent choice, and she truly looks the part.

Time, and the remainder of a soundtrack, will tell if I will actually attend the piece, if it makes it to New York, but I have to admit that right now. I’m actually excited about returning to hear more from The Phantom.