Let’s Talk about ‘Glee’ for a minute


So since Adam Lambert was not crowned American Idol I found myself needing some cheering up. I then remembered that just the day before I had watched the preview of “Glee” on FOX. The show started off a bit rocky, and it was strange how much of it seemed to be taken directly from the movie ‘Election’, but I kept with it. My persistence in viewing the hour episode had an amazing pay off which I have a clip of for you:

Not only is this incredibly entertaining to watch, it is absolutely incredible to listen to. In particular the main female singer Lea Michele has got to have one of the most addictive voices on earth. It is clear and well supported.  Anyway, I thought it deserved a mention. It gets bonus points for getting me out of my “Lambert lost” funk.


Dream Boy – The Novel – A Reader’s thoughts


So a few days ago I went to the Strand to pick up a copy of “Dream Boy” a novel by Jim Grimsley. The book is just under 200 pages, and during the first few days as I made my way through the first 1\2 of the book I was completely impressed. The book chronicles the tale of a young boy, Nathan, who is smart and has a sexually abusive father. The boy finds that he is attracted to the neighbor boy, and is forced to handle the coming out, and the idea of wanting to do things with this boy and how he hated having to do those exact things with his father.

The concept of a sexually abused kid, grappling with this particular difficulty when it comes to sex is one I have yet to ever read about, and I thought that Grimsley’s character introduced the concept in a way that felt real and heart breaking. This topic is just coming to real fruition when Nathan and his love, Roy, have sex. Roy is suspicious of how Nathan knew how to have sex like that, and pushes Nathan away. Nathan’s father then attempts to sexually abuse him, and Nathan flees his home and lives in the woods. Roy forgives (the author’s words not mine) Nathan, and decides that to make this less awkward (Roy helps Nathan survive outside the home, but they never talk about the issue) Roy takes Nathan on a camping trip with his buds. AND THUS ENDS THE TOPIC OF DISCUSSION! For the next 100 pages we are injected into a new story, one of southern Gothic ghost stories. Which ends up with them exploring a haunted ancient plantation home.

The ending is perhaps the single worst part of the story, as Nathan survives a rape and subsequent huge blow to the head. He then walks around, by some miracle, and He and Roy decide to run away. IT makes no sense!

I would highly suggest the first 100 pages, and perhaps the remainder of the book without the ending as another distinct story.

——————UPDATED 7/6/2012 ——————————-

So I notice that a lot of people decide to search the internet for information about this book, and they eventually hit my blog. Therefore,  I think it is important to update this post. For starters, upon a second reading, the ending is a little clearer than I thought. Nathan does not actually survive, he just becomes a ghost. While I think this doesn’t make any more sense than him surviving, that is what is going on. I still standby my initial review, but I was embarrassed that I got this wrong in my review. Still, the book is only good until they decide to go hiking. While I won’t say there is no foreshadowing that Nathan would be attacked, I will say that it is really minor. It certainly would be a great book if it had a less insane ending.


I also thought it was interesting that this book (which was written in the 90’s) was just recently made into a film:

Perilla – Review

Perilla sign

I took my fiance here for his 27th B-day with a small group of our closest friends. The ambiance of the place is pleasant, and certainly does not impede incredible conversation.

The service at Perilla is the best I’ve had at a restaurant in NYC. If you are going I highly suggest you request “Eric W.” as your waiter. He was not only able to easily answer questions about the menu, but his description of the differences in the dishes helped my friends decide on what dish they would choose when they were torn between two different menu items.

I was shocked that when we arrived at 7:45 p.m. that we stayed till almost 11:00 p.m. However, it was just such a relaxing atmosphere.

The food is delicious, and you should absolutely try “Fiddle Head Fern & Sheep’s Milk Ricotta Gnudi” It is the best thing on the menu. If you are turned off by the vegetarian side, they make it as an appetizer as well. We got it as an appetizer, and all of us wished we had chosen it as our meal. That is…until our meals came. The duck deserves the huge amount of praise it gets, as well as the steak. Personally I ordered “Spice Grilled Dorade Royale” and everyone who tasted said it was the best menu item. It was light and lovely.

Perilla is perhaps not the best place for dessert. Their Sorbet was wonderful, but their Tres Leches cake was a little lacking in flavor. I opted out for dessert and had a nice cognac instead. I had never done this before, but it felt right. I highly suggest it.

We finished the evening with coffee, and complimentary small cookies. Which were actually better than the desserts. So I would opt for a dessert cocktail, port, cognac and just have those.

Our waiter wished he had known it was my fiance’s birthday, because he would have done something. I put it in capital letters on my “open table” reservation, and mentioned it to the hostess. So If you want to do something special, I would “go to the restroom” and inform the waiter yourself. Apparently he didn’t find out until he was printing our bill.

I think the best part of Perilla is that although it is slightly more expensive, it is not outrageous. I suggest looking at the menu prior to going, and figuring out if it is in your budget. I was happy the wine list was the same, and I was able to choose a nice wine and do my research ahead of time. Perilla will definitely be a repeat restaurant for me.

Perilla inside

Picked First


Today I was thinking about a particular memory I had long forgotten. When people mention “sports” I generally roll my eyes, and think of how I have some horror story involving practically every sport. I say this equipped with a story about how I was beat up in golf, which I think qualifies me as a sports disaster. I was thinking about this, and then it occurred to me that I did not always hate sports. I still maintain that I like soccer, and although I have my own soccer horror stories, there is one story that keeps me from hating that sport.

I was in middle school, and at my school the cliques had long been established. It would take years to break from them in high school for the few that were brave enough to change, but in middle school we had only just established our adolescent identity, and part of that was having an exclusive set of friends.

Middle School was the last time recess mattered, and as the senior members of the recess crowd we were always playing games with rules. I normally hung out by the creek and talked with my friends, but when soccer or kickball was going to be played I would always play. I think I liked these games because I knew I could kick a ball better than I could catch one. I knew I was bad at sports, and so I never thought about the fact I was picked last. I am sure it should have bothered me, but I knew I was bad at sports. I just enjoyed playing the game, even though I barely ever got to do anything, and I often screwed up what little I was supposed to do.

One day after we had been playing for a week or so, I will never forget. The kid who I thought was the best at the game, who was always a team captain, decided to pick me first. I remember thinking this was strange at the time, and I asked if he was sure. He said yes, and so I pranced, yes pranced, over to him and felt like the coolest kid in the world. I am sure the reason that he did this, was because they knew it would make me feel good. I am not sure if it out of pity, or what, but it was a gesture that truly touched me.

It was nice that for one day that kid thought it was worth handicapping himself one good player to make me feel good. I remember thinking that it was strange of him to do this, because we were not friends. If one of my friends was a captain I would expect them to pick me, but he was a popular kid, and I was me. After that game I spent the remainder of middle school thinking that kid was the most amazing kid ever, and when he would play games I was not good at I would watch and cheer for him. I think I even had a routine where I spelled his name out.

I think it is important to write this down, because I had buried this one positive sporting experience underneath all of the atrocities that were inflicted upon me as a result of my parents forcing me to play organized sports. I am happy to have remembered that there was a time that I voluntarily participated in a game, and that someone was interested in making me feel special even though they had no reason to do so.

Message in Wait

I do not check my e-mail during pilates but I would if I could.

I do not check my e-mail during pilates but I would if I could.

So I was thinking today. Why is it that e-mail is so charming in fiction. You know where characters come in and find a message waiting for them on their computer. I thought about this for a few moments, and I decided the reason it is so charming is because the message has been waiting there a long time. My e-mail is less charming most of the time, because I check it constantly. So it is more like delayed instant messenger than an easier/cheaper version of snail mail.

Characters in fiction are often busy, otherwise they would be boring characters, so when they come home from their dramatic life, and find a little bit of saved drama on their computer it is interesting. I wonder if my e-mails would feel more special if I didn’t check it as often. I wonder if people would write more if they knew I might not be so quick to respond.